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The Jensen's Story

  On July 18, 1983 I bought a waterbed for my husband Jay’s birthday. Really, though it was to help my back, as I suffered with tremendous backaches. That turned out to make more problems than I ever expected!

First, Jay hated the water bed. He was so uncomfortable in it he had a hard time sleeping. On top of that, we were surprised that it raised our electric bill $15.00 a month. (It turns out that on a national average waterbed heaters cost from $10-$15 per month in electricity).

We came up with the idea of putting insulation on top of the water bed so we could turn off our waterbed heater. This added comfort to the bed. Jay loved the feel of the waterbed and it no longer costs money to heat it.

A year or so later, when Jay was laid off from his job, we were desperate. We came up with the idea of selling our invention. To begin with, they weren’t as comfortable or nice as they are now, but people still loved them. So we invested in manufacturing equipment to make them even more comfortable.

Soon we found out that our customers were using the Mattress Topper for their regular mattresses. We have had literally thousands tell us how much better they sleep with the Jensen’s.

Try our Original Mattress Topper Challenge and find out for yourself how much better you can sleep. Our 90 day money-back guarantee, and full two year warranty on workmanship will help you sleep better with your investment!

Jay and Sheri Jensen